IoT Improves Farmers' Crop Yields


Photo By  Hans via Pixabay

Farmers Edge, a Canadian-based company that specializes in precision agriculture and independent data management, is helping farmers increase their crop yields and making their farms thrive even in shifting market conditions and weather with the use of Internet of Things, according to the Microsoft blog.

The Canadian-based company is using the power of IoT to help farmers track weather patterns, market conditions, and crop yields. It also assists farmers to manage their operations in a more effective way by deploying telematic devices and weather stations on the farmer’s equipment and land.

These devices do the work of transmitting data to Microsoft’s Azure IoT Hub, where it will be analyzed with the use of machine learning algorithm and artificial intelligence. Once farmers will have the insights, they can easily check the environmental variables, such as precipitation levels and the wind direction. The insights will also help them monitor the soil conditions of their farm in an easier manner.

Microsoft’s Director of Marketing and IoT Jerry Lee said that Farmers Edge offers aggregated field data that is layers of year’s worth. These data are built on the long-standing traditions when it comes to agriculture.

“We are dedicated to creating innovative agricultural practices that help growers boost production and improve sustainability,” wrote Farmers Edge on its website. They acknowledge that with the use of powerful software and hardware, it will empower farmers, regardless of their location.