Apple Expands Self Driving Vehicles


Photo by: Slipp D. Thompson via Flickr


Apple has registered an additional 24 self-driving vehicles with the Department of Motor Vehicles in California, expanding its fleet of autonomous cars in the Golden State.

Although the tech giant registered only three Lexus SUVs in April 2017, it has acquired 24 more SUVs, said California’s DMV.

The company remains silent about their car program called Project Titan, but there are various times when its test vehicles are seen in the public. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook even acknowledged in June that they have a team handling the development of their autonomous car.

Last June, Cook also spoke about an autonomous vehicle, calling it the “mother of all artificial intelligence” project. He previously said that there are many ways to use autonomous systems, not just limited to a vehicle but he refused to go into further detail.

This move by Apple is a significant expansion for them as its competitors have been ahead of the race in building self-driving cars. The companies based in Silicon Valley piled up to shift their focus to the autonomous car industry. Uber Technologies Inc., for instance, replaced their traditional taxis. Automakers General Motors and Volkswagen AG also added more self-driving capabilities to their market. All these competition means that Apple really has a lot of catching up to do, said Bloomberg.