Fitness Tracking Map may be Giving away Top-secret Info on Military Installatiion Locations

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Photo by: skeeze via Pixabay


An Australian student who studies international security recently stumbled upon an interactive map tracked by a fitness tracking app that reveals how US soldiers are revealing dangerous and sensitive information by simply jogging, as reported by the Washington Post.

Nathan Ruser, 20, posted on Twitter that GPS tracking company Strava published their Global Heat Map, revealing satellite information of the movements and locations of their subscribers. With its 27 million users all over the world, it shows an accumulated activity or pattern in areas that outline the US military bases, including other sensitive sites. “US Bases are clearly identifiable and mappable,” wrote Ruser on Twitter.

The Pentagon US Department of Defense headquarters has supported the use of wearable technology Fitbit among its military personnel by distributing 2,500 of this wristband to help soldiers battle obesity. Meanwhile, Strava claimed that their users include people using devices such as Jawbone and Fitbit, or those who have subscribed directly into their mobile app. Its recent Global Heat Map shows that even if the map is not live, it lights the areas where there are so much activity. 

US Central Command’s spokesman Air Force Col. John Thomas said on Sunday that the military is now looking into the issue but did not respond to the regulations they have implemented when using fitness-tracking applications.