App that Could Help Combat Dengue

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Photo by: Hans via Pixabay


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have previously introduced a globe app that can be used to combat dengue and other mosquito-borne illnesses and lately, it has been piloted in various countries because of its huge potential, especially in small island states.

From the recent TechCamp meeting held in Auckland, New Zealand, various countries have participated to discuss the use of technology in vector surveillance. The World Health Organization defines that vector surveillance is important in determining the factors that are related to dengue transmission by choosing the right surveillance strategies and considering infestation levels, resources, and time.

The workshop explains that the app called Epi Info Vector Surveillance is free and once installed, it has a dashboard where the users can see mosquito indices, sample maps, and vector surveillance systems. By default, the app will be installed in the Field Mode, allowing technicians to do surveys in the field and record the collection and setting of traps. TechCamp also discussed the use of technology as it can see details of mosquitoes using a drone that does the area mapping. 

CDC wrote on its website that the app uses scanned barcodes in order to collect data from sample sites. The app records GPS signal accuracy, GPS coordinates, collection time and date, and elevation. It has five modules: mosquito trapping, mosquito collection, mosquito bioassay, cone bioassay, and vector control.

Zika Foundation’s CEP Michael Callaghan considers dengue as a terrifying mosquito-borne illness compared to Zika, chikungunya, and malaria. He said that since dengue is a public health concern, it can also hit the economy because whole communities are affected.