General Motors Faces Lawsuit Involving Driverless Car Accident


Photo by: werner22brigitte via Pixabay


General Motors has been sued by motorcyclist Oscar Nilsson after the December incident when GM’s Chevy Bolt crashed into Nilsson’s motorcycle and caused him to fall to the ground.

According to the motorcyclist, he was trailing the self-driving car when it began changing lanes. This prompted him to pass the car. However, it suddenly swerved back into the lane where he was driving and the impact knocked him to the ground, causing the injury in his shoulder and neck. The 27-year-old Nilsson had to go on a disability leave because of the injury he suffered and claims that it needs lengthy treatment.

GM, on the other hand, disagreed with the statement given by Nilsson. It pointed out the collision report done by the police department in San Francisco, which did not really blame GM but only said that Nilsson merged into the Chevy Bolt’s lane before it was supposedly safe to do so.  The police traffic collision report also reads that the car driver “attempted to take control of the self-driving vehicle by driving the wheel.”

The driverless car accident triggered for a lawsuit of about $75,000 against GM and the legal system is left to determine who is at fault. Nilsson is said to be represented by lawyer Sergei Lemberg, alleging that “GM is 100-percent responsible for this accident,” as reported by an American magazine, Popular Science.