Saudi Arabia Conducts First IoT Exhibition to Start “Digitizing” their Nation


Photo by: apriltan18 via Pixabay


Saudi Arabia opens its first Internet of Things exhibition on Sunday with the hope of exploring and introducing the latest IoT technologies and innovations in the country. 

The event will run for three days, opening space for the techno community to know what lies ahead in the future of IoT in Saudi Arabia, said Fahad Algarni, the manager of Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center. Algarni pointed out that since IoT is emerging, their country is also taking the lead by increasing their infrastructure capacity to be in line with Saudi Vision 2030, a plan that expresses long-term goals and expectations that reflect the country’s capabilities and strengths.

Algarni added that the IoT exhibition also complements the plan of the government to expand its broadband internet services for up to 70 percent in remote areas by the year 2020. Through it, citizens of Saudi Arabia will become a digital nation.  He recognized that the exhibition will serve as their starting point for many more deals, contracts, and negotiations with other companies. After the first IoT exhibition, Algarni claims that they are planning to make it an annual event.

Council of Saudi Chambers’ chairman Ahmed Sulaiman Al-Rajhi also emphasized in his opening message that the exhibition is open to anyone with an innovative IoT, whether that be in communication, transportation, or in healthcare.