Facebook to Simplify Privacy Settings for Users

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Photo by: ki dam jeong via Flickr


Facebook is officially making it easier for users to locate their accounts’ privacy settings, publishing its privacy principles for the very first time. 

Facebook’s chief privacy officer Erin Egan wrote in a blog that while they recognize that people are using the social media platform to connect with other people, “not everyone wants to share everything with everyone.”  Egan also said that they understand how important it is for users to have simple and clear tools to manage their privacy. With this, they will be introducing a feature where the core privacy setting will be put in one place.

The world’s largest social media network treats privacy as very important on their agenda at a recent company event in Brussels, wherein COO Sheryl Sandberg shared about their education initiative as a part of the company’s effort to give users more control of their personal information. She said that the upcoming changes will be a good foundation for them to meet the needed requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation, which would allow EU to unify and strengthen data protection within the European Union.

Sandberg adds that the changes will also encourage them to continue investing in educational tools and products that will protect privacy.

The company also shared its plan to host workshops about data protection and events that will encourage privacy experts, regulators, developers, and designers to create ways to educate users on privacy.