Twitter may soon Join Video Sharing Wagon

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Photo by: geralt via Pixabay


Twitter is currently experimenting with a Snapchat-style video sharing feature in order to make it easier for users to post and share videos on the Twitter app, according to Bloomberg.

The social network is reportedly working on a camera-centered product. The daily said that if Twitter today needs several taps before one can upload videos or broadcast live from the social media app, the new feature will reduce the process. This move is also in line with the company’s rival Snapchat's process, which only needs a few taps or swipes in opening the camera within the application.

The report also said that although their source has seen the product design, it has not been finalized yet and cannot confirm the date of the feature debut. They have not also specified if the videos to be posted will only be for a transitory period, like Facebook’s ephemeral messaging feature, or not.

If the new feature is to be launched, users can just open the Twitter app and tap the compose button. From it, they can already see the camera button, where they can easily take a picture or video, said Bloomberg.

The present video strategy of Twitter has been focused more on the publishers. Last year, it has formed partnerships with various publishers to broadcast a live video show.