Alibaba to Help Decongest Traffic in Malaysia with AI


Photo By  peternguyen11 via Pixabay

E-commerce company Alibaba announced that it will be using artificial intelligence in order to alleviate the traffic in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

After successfully deploying a traffic management system in Hangzhou, China, where the Alibaba office is located, the Chinese company will be helping Kuala Lumpur in relieving the city from road congestion. Alibaba said that they will be using the same traffic system called City Brain as it delivers live predictions of traffic on the road and optimizes the present traffic flow.

According to the online retailer, City Brain uses data from public transportation systems, traffic bureaus, mapping apps, and street video footage in detecting traffic incidents.  If the system will be integrated with the various urban management system, Alibaba believes that it could automate the process of emergency dispatching. They also foresee that the system can assist the emergency vehicles in locating the quickest possible routes.

Alibaba will be working with government-owned business development group Digital Economy Corporation and the city council to install the traffic system in the city. The company claims that it will be their first time to install the City Brain outside its home country, China.

City Brain’s initial part of deployment in KL is set to be complete by May this year and it will connect 500 traffic city cameras and 300 traffic lights.