IoT Technology to Boost Milk Yields in the Farm


Photo By  Couleur via Pixabay

Farm equipment supplier and manufacturer Dairymaster is adopting the Internet of Things and AI to boost dairy farm productivity, animal health, and the milk quality.

The Ireland-based Dairymaster has recently announced its new €2-million research and development partnership with software research center Lero and Ireland’s Institute of Technology Tralee. This collaboration will allow them to create an intelligent autonomous system that will be primarily used in farms, claimed Dairymaster.

The R&D program is meant to develop an IoT technology that will boost the health of animals on the farm and the quality of milk they produce. Dairymaster will be using its equipment like the MooMonitor, a wireless sensor that is used for health and fertility monitoring in cows. The partners also plan to utilize machine learning and data analytics to generate the classifiers and predictors of the cow productivity and health.

Dairymaster’s research and innovation manager Dr. John Daly said, “We see this whole area of AI and autonomous systems as being key to the future of dairy farm profitability and sustainability.” He also expressed his delight in being involved in one of the largest indigenous projects of Lero.

Lero’s researcher Dr. Joseph Walsh also commented that one of the challenges in the dairy industry is the availability of labor skilled for the job. If the intensive processes of work will be automated, he said, it will be advantageous to the farmers and will enhance the milk quality of animals as well since tasks are ensured to be completed at high levels.