Spotify Tests New Standalone App Dedicated to Quick Playlist Listening

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Photo by: via Flickr


Music streaming service Spotify is currently testing a new app called Stations that is reportedly dedicated to a quick station and playlist listening.

According to the company, the new standalone app provides users an option to listen to music based on their managed playlists or genres. Once the app is opened, it automatically plays music on the customized station or playlist. Also, the company calls out that users no longer have to do the manual search or typing of the songs to use the app. They can just scroll the app to switch playlists.

“We are always testing new products and experiences, but have no further news to share at this time,” said the company.

The app also contains popular services, such as Release Radar and Discover Weekly. The Station app description even reads that as the user listens, the app learns what the user prefers and it automatically creates the personalized stations that they will most likely love to listen to. Users will also have the option to customize the playlist that appears in their main menu or hide those which they are not interested in.

Spotify said that since the app is still in its experimental stage, it will be offered totally free to users and will be piloted in Australia.