Time-Tracking Gadget TimeFlip Helps Users Manage their Time


Photo by: Craig Paterson via Flickr


Time-tracking gadget TimeFlip is expected to be available on Amazon this month, informed gadget creator Ilya Tarassov to American publisher, TechCrunch.

Although TimeFlip has already been out on the market for some time, it was only in limited quantities and primarily targeted in the United States. Now, the product is set to be introduced to a wider market. It is a gadget that allows users to save their time for more important tasks. It tracks how much a user is spending on a certain activity by simply flipping the gadget around once one task is finished. 

The dodecahedron-shaped gadget is built with a small accelerometer inside. The accelerometer functions to signify what the user is currently doing. For example, the user can flip the side that indicates the email icon to signal to the corresponding app that the user is currently answering or checking some email. 

There are also other activities that match the gadget’s icon, including reading, eating, and shopping.  “TimeFlip does not distract you while filling your timesheets,” wrote the company on its website. They also share that the gadget is ideal for those who want to boost their productivity and take control of their time, optimizing the workflow in a day.

The company adds that the gadget is useful in terms of time analytics, supporting decision making.