Nuro, a Self-Driving Vehicle that Transports Goods Instead of Humans


Photo by: diddi4 via Pixabay


Two ex-Google engineers founded a startup called Nuro to work on a self-driving car project that is more focused on the logistics platform. Although the vehicle will be driverless, it will be delivering customers' take-out orders instead of transporting humans.

Nuro is claimed to be a self-driving car that collects goods from a local business and delivers it to a customer. For instance, it can deliver laundry and groceries from one person to another, said founders Dave Ferguson and Jiajun Zhu. The two just raised $92 million to go after the area of commercial deliveries. 

The vehicle is shaped like a narrow, small box but it is on wheels. Its width is half that of the regular car and was created to bring the benefits of robots to ordinary people for everyday use, said the company. The startup also believes that by using this different spin of an autonomous vehicle, it will boost the local businesses and reduce road accidents.

Ferguson said, “By custom-designing vehicles that are specifically for goods transportation you can actually create the safest vehicle on the road.”

Considering that more consumers are now ordering goods and items online, management consulting firm McKinsey & Company’s study also shows that last-mile delivery will experience staggering growth rates year over year.