AI residency Program from Microsoft Opens in UK


Photo Credit via Pixabay


The world’s first AI residency is set to be launched by Microsoft in the United Kingdom this year. The company is inviting graduate students interested in artificial intelligence and machine learning to apply. The program will be run by Microsoft Research Cambridge and will last for one year.

“At Microsoft, we are committed to leveraging the power of AI to benefit people and greater society. Advances in AI can be applied to address some of the world’s biggest challenges, and so we are keen to nurture the next generation of talent, so they are better prepared to innovate and contribute to multiple areas of AI, including machine learning, planning, and decision making,” said Chris Bishop, the laboratory director at Microsoft Research Cambridge.

As a response, the UK government funded the Institute of Coding to launch digital skill programs in the country. The institute plans to produce more graduates that have the proper digital skills.

The Microsoft program features hands-on experience with the company’s engineers, researchers, and product teams; knowledge on how to deploy machine learning solutions in several industries; and an opportunity to apply for a regular post at the company by the end of the residency.

Machine learning is now a growing innovation in different applications, such as computer networks, marketing, medical diagnosis, insurance, and financial market analysis. It is even used to determine flight delays. Google’s latest updated Flights app uses historical data to determine the possibility of delayed flights. Machine learning allows it to search for common patterns in location, weather, and late arrivals, and if the algorithms are 80 percent accurate, the app’s user will be notified of a possible delay.