Telegram Apps taken off Apple’s App Store

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Photo by: LoboHamburgStudio via Pixabay


The Telegram apps are currently unavailable for download from Apple’s App Store, Natasha Lomas of TechCrunch reports.

This was confirmed by a search query for Telegram on the App Store, which yielded Viber, Skype, Messenger and WeChat only.

Telegram founder Pavel Durov said Apple’s move was the result of inappropriate content being discovered on its apps (Telegram and Telegram X). Durov added that both apps will be back on the App Store once protection has been put in place.

Apple rules specify that apps with user-generated content or services that are used for pornography, objectification of real people, making physical threats, and bullying can be removed without notice from the App Store.

Its developer guidelines for iOS apps must include a method for filtering offensive content from being posted on the app. There must also be a mechanism for reporting offensive content and providing a timely response to these issues. Abusive users must also be banned from the service and contact information must be published so users would know how to reach app developers.

Through its official blog, Telegram announced that the Telegram X for Android is an experimental app which may replace the original Telegram app.

The Telegram X is touted to be faster and consumes less power, featuring an improved UX with a cleaner look, smoother animations, and new swiping actions for shortcutting.

The company is also making plans to enter the cryptocurrency market, launch its own initial coin offering, and transform Telegram from a messaging platform into a blockchain network for hosting decentralized apps.  

It is predicted that the second quarter of 2018 will be the projected timeframe for conducting a minimum viable product test for the Telegram Open Network.

Durov has not been vocal about his cryptocurrency ambitions but has warned people not to fall for scams that offer to buy Grams, the name tentatively given to Telegram’s digital tokens.