iPhone 8 Likely To Be Most Expensive Yet


Analysts predict the base-level iPhone is likely to cost consumers $1,000.

Apple has released a new iPhone in September every year since 2012. Many rumors are circulating about new models that could appear in September 2017. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the first iPhone, and Apple watchers expect a lot of dazzling new features in iPhone 8.

Fueling the rumors is a research note from Goldman Sachs analyst Simona Jankowski, who writes that upgrading to the next version of the iPhone won’t be an inexpensive prospect. Everyone is guessing about what Apple will charge for the new iPhone. Jankowski says the base-level phone is likely to cost $1,000.

A $1,000 price point may induce sticker shock among casual shoppers, but diehard Apple fans shouldn’t be surprised. The phone is likely to be based upon a new design, a larger display, and many new features. At $1,000, the iPhone 8 would cost just $130 more than the current top model, the iPhone 7 Plus.

Jankowski predicts a $1,000 price for the base-level iPhone 8 with 128GB of storage. Doubling the storage capacity will add $99 to the cost, she says.

Analysts note that the iPhone 8 isn’t for everyone. Price-conscious consumers can buy bargain-basement phones from other vendors. Or they can stick with older iPhones, which Apple will no doubt continue to sell, at least for a while. The iPhone 8 is intended specifically to appeal to Apple fans who want the latest and best products. Based on sales for current large-screen models, consumer appetite for premium iPhones is growing.