Google Wants Universal Stylus for All Devices


Photo by: Kaboompics // Karolina via Pexels


The Universal Stylus Initiative, an organization that promotes the use of active styluses and touch-enabled devices, has recently confirmed Google as its new ally. The new USI membership is said to power the group to develop and promote an open active stylus standard to be used in different devices.

Launched in 2015 and currently with over 30 companies that represent their association, USI has just listed Google as its promoter member. USI’s chairman Peter Mueller even pointed that the newest member, along with the other companies, will demonstrate the USI 1.0 specification's versatility. He adds that it “creates fertile ground to spark innovation.” 

USI 1.0 spec shows how the stylus will send data to a linked screen.  This information includes the erase operation, button presses, and pressure levels. The stylus is also capable of storing preferences, such as the ink color and the pressure levels. The group notes that this specification can be implemented in various touch-enabled devices, such as computing, tablets, phones, and other entertainment options.

This move by Google in joining the USI project is seen by other technology experts that future Pixel devices and touchscreen Chromebooks will soon support the USI standards. In such a case, users can use only a single digital pen for multiple devices. Even Mueller highlights that the added members will help them point toward the strength of an active styluses ecosystem.