IoT Powers Electric Utility Poles


Photo by: CC0 Creative Commons via Pixabay


American electric services company Ameren is currently taking advantage of the Internet of Things to connect its utility equipment to the internet, hoping to maintain the integrity of the power system in the US.

As the company understands that keeping utility poles healthy against ice storms, wind, vandals, and woodpeckers is a monumental task, it has used the power of IoT technology to be more efficient with their routine inspections. They gather data by connecting sensors to the utility poles, encouraging real-time decision making to also improve safety and performance in the job.

Ameren has also partnered with Atomation, a company that connects various products or assets to the internet. Atomation wrote on its website that their team is dedicated to forming an IoT platform for the creation of smart objects. 

The two companies have already launched their pilot program in Illinois, USA. Their program allows Ameren to be dynamic in pole repair and maintenance. They shared that by putting the inertial measurement unit sensors on the poles, they can monitor the movement of said utility poles. 

Atomation’s CEO and co-founder Guy Weitzman also claims that “IoT technology can increase predictive maintenance ability.” All the while, it can also decrease the occurrence of injury and save the company's money and time in the operation.