Robot Barista Makes and Serves Coffee at a Cafe in Japan


Photo by: Free-Photos via Pixabay


Japan unveils new robot barista named Sawyer and it is capable of making and serving coffee to customers in a cafe.

Sawyer has recently debuted at the Henna Cafe located in Shibuya’s shopping and downtown business district. While it may be a one-armed robot, it is designed to scan the tickets purchased by customers from the vending machine in the cafe. It also greets the Cafe visitors by saying, “Would you care for a delicious coffee?”

Henna Cafe, which means “strange cafe” in English, also showcases the robot barista with a screen that reveals an animated pair of eyes. It claims that he is capable of making coffee better than a human being around the area.

The robot is tasked to grind the coffee bean and fill the filter. Once done, it pours hot water in the cup for up to five people in one serving. All these tasks just take a few minutes for Sawyer to accomplish, says media company ABC News.

Sawyer is also capable of operating an automated machine for different kinds of hot drinks, such as green tea latte, hot chocolate, and cappuccino.

H.I.S. Co. travel agency is the present cafe operator and they claim that the robot can increase the cafe’s productivity and can even entertain the customers.