Egyptian Researchers Create New Nano Formula to Lower Blood Sugar Levels of Patients with Diabetes


Photo by: Leo_65 via Pixabay


A team of Egyptian researchers from Mansoura University and nonprofit  Zewail City of Science and Technology has found a nano formula that can help lower the blood sugar level of patients with diabetes.

In a study they conducted on test animals with Type 2 diabetes, the researchers claimed that they were able to lower the subjects’ blood-sugar levels. This is achieved by activating the animals’ pancreatic cells which secrete and produce the insulin in the body.

 Zewail City of Science and Technology’s nanomaterials sciences professor Ibrahim el-Sherbiny said, “The new formula, which is administered orally, has the ability to control diabetes.” Being one of the research authors, the professor specifies that putting the natural drugs into the nanotubes or nanoparticles has allowed them to do a targeted drug delivery and the result even has an extended effect.

The researchers used Silymarin, which according to them is an effective and safe herbal medicine. They said that although the medicine has been used as a treatment for various diseases, including diabetes, cancer, and liver diseases because of its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, it has low solubility in the water. This means that the medicine is poorly absorbed as it reaches the intestine, causing it to be excreted in the body and the patient cannot get its full benefit.

El-Sherbiny shares that their challenge was to create a nanomaterial that will increase the water solubility of the medicine. Not only that, they want the nanomaterial to help improve the therapeutic effect and bioavailability of the medicine.