Canada’s Senate Report Claims the Country is Not Yet Prepared for Automated Cars


Photo by: 12019 via Pixabay


Canada’s Senate Committee on Transportation and Communication published a report that says their country is not yet ready for automated and connected vehicles.

While the Committee has recognized that driverless cars can save lives, they believe that “Canada is ill-prepared” for the new age of transportation. With this, they are pushing that the country should already start to prepare for the arrival of said technology to make their people prepare for the technological change.

The report highlights that the Committee has been conducting a careful study on the risks and great potential that connected vehicles will bring to their country. They said that the advantages may even provide freedom to people with mobility issues. However, the absence of strong safeguards may pave the way for cyberterrorists to take control of the cars. They said that automakers can also track the users’ routes and they may also sell the data for profit, such as targeted advertisements.

The Senate report declared that driverless cars could lead to job losses, personal privacy erosion, and car hacking. That is why they urge for regulations that will guarantee the safety of these cars, especially during winters when the Canadian roads are covered with snow. 

“The government must act now,” the report says. They also have a total of 16 recommendations, such as the national strategy to adapt to the next age of transportation. They also discussed cybersecurity measures and other safety guidelines.