Self-driving Robot Developed to Clear Ice and Snow


Photo Credit via Pixabay


Snow shoveling is a very difficult and strenuous task that taxes the back and leg. While moving through the heavy snow strains the heart. Fortunately, a self-driving snow clearing robot has been developed to help clear both residential and commercial areas.

It is called SnowBot Pro by Left Hand Robotics that uses advanced GPS technology to determine its path, array sensors to detect obstacles along the way, and a rotating brush to remove snow from sidewalks and walkways. The main perk of the autonomous robot is that it can significantly reduce labor cost and issues with clearing snow, especially during snowstorms. The robot can clear an amount of snow equivalent to what six shovelers can clear in two hours, for less than one and a half hours. Aside from labor solutions, the machine can also provide the following benefits:

- Better risk management and reduction of insurance costs because of fewer laborers required, resulting in lower cases of injury. The machine can also provide reports inclusive of data and images.

- Improved cleaning of walkways with its capability to reach areas that other equipment cannot. It has a four feet wide rotating brushing area to remove ice and snow.

- Reduction of up to 80 percent need for shovelers during a snowstorm. It also clears up walkways eight times faster on snow days.

“Snow and ice management companies, property managers, government agencies, etc. all face significant labor challenges when it comes to sidewalk and pathway work in the winter. Securing the necessary labor force on short notice, in harsh conditions, for strenuous, dangerous snow removal work is very difficult,” said Mike Ott, Chief Technology Officer of Left Hand Robotics.

According to the company’s website, SnowBot Pro is set to be available in the 2018 to 2019 snow season.