5G network to Handle Demanding Apps Without Impacting 4G Services


Photo Credit via Pixabay


Ultra-fast download speed is not the only thing that 5G network can do among connected devices. According to Telstra, the next generation mobile network has more to offer in terms of security, stability, and smoothness of services.

The upcoming 5G network in a few years will target the Internet of Things composed of numerous devices, such as smartphone and tablets, computers, autonomous drones, and self-driving vehicles. In Australia, certain beaches use the smart drones called Little Ripper Rescue that are equipped with video cameras to help lifeguards monitor the situation. These drones utilize the 4G mobile networks to stream videos to the server.

"If we were only concerned about connecting people then we could almost stop at 4G, but the real strength of 5G is connecting all these different smart devices," said Mike Wright, networks chief at Telstra.

In a similar situation, but using the 5G network, the beaches would be monitored by swarms of smart drones that are connected to the multi-gigabit speed of the network. The 5G network could support the high-definition video streaming of the smart drones to the server, where media are analyzed by AI for the presence of sharks and distress calls of swimmers.

The 5G network service will likely be assigned to accommodate applications that demand a high amount of bandwidth, such as HD video streaming, which can overcome 4G service in an area with multiple active devices. Other potential applications of the 5G network include 360-degree video streaming and virtual and augmented reality.

The 5G network can also resolve many problems in mobile data issues, such as congestion and lag, letting the more advanced network handle demanding apps without affecting other services under the 4G network.

Telstra is currently working with the international 3GPP standards body to ensure that Australia will use the same 5G bands as the rest of the world. It will also allow handsets in the country to work in regions of the world.