New iPhone X Glitch Prevents Users from Receiving Incoming Calls


Photo by: William Hook via Flickr


The list of bugs hounding the iPhone X is growing, with the latest involving the inability of the US$1,000 cell phone to receive incoming calls properly, with some calls being ended before users can accept them, reports Aaron Mak of the Slate.

Hundreds of iPhone X users have reportedly taken to Apple user forums to air their gripes about the glitch. Some dissatisfied Apple users say that when they get a call, the ringtone plays for 10 seconds before the touchscreen lights up and allows them to press the Accept button. Worse, there are instances when the Accept button does not show up at all.

It is the latest foul-up bedeviling Apple,as it struggles with waning demand for its flagship cellphone product. The Wall Street Journal also reported that production goals for the iPhone X have been cut from 40 to 20 million units for the first quarter of 2018.

Also, during the company’s quarterly earnings call, Apple said 77.3 million iPhone X units have already been sold, representing a 1-percent drop in cellphone sales for the same period in 2018. The statistics were disappointing to analysts who were expecting sales to reach between 80 to 83 million units.

Despite the lower-than-expected sales of the iPhone X, Apple’s revenues jumped by 13 percent to reach US$88.3 billion for the same quarter, largely due to the cellphone’s US$1,000 price tag.

Apple CEO Tim Cook remains optimistic about the company’s future, notwithstanding all the troubles plaguing it, pointing to its 96-percent customer satisfaction rating.

The cellphone giant has revised its plans for 2018, deferring the release of new software updates, and would instead concentrate on improving the responsiveness of the iPhone X and reducing customer and quality issues.

Apple emailed Slate that it will look into these issues when asked to comment on the latest glitch.