Fast Child Abuse Reporting With This New App

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Photo by: Free-Photos via Pixabay


The Mississippi Department of Child Protection Services has now made it easier and faster for Android and Apple mobile phone users to report suspected child neglect or abuse concerns by offering a free mobile app for child abuse reporting.

Developed by the Mississippi State University in Starkville, the phone app is the first of its kind introduced in the United States. Jess. H. Dickinson, MDCPS Commissioner, claims that it is their work to ensure that children of their state are protected. He said that as their staff sees that if there is a more efficient and better way to achieve such goal, they will seek for its application.

According to the MDCPS record, they receive nearly 30,000 reports of exploitation, neglect, and suspected abuse of children. Dickinson shares that with the use of the mobile app, anyone can easily submit their report on a child they suspect or observe is being neglected or abused without waiting for the time when they can use a computer. He also said that the app ensures that the one who reports can choose to detail whether to identify themselves or make the report anonymously. 

Aside from ensuring that the app is easy to use, it also just takes five minutes to finish. “Our aim is to make reporting less of a hassle and more readily available to all users,” said MDCPS Informative Technology Services deputy commissioner Cindy Greer.

The app has been made available to the public after its testing phase in August last year.