Robo-Ball Spy Gadgets are Russia’s New Smart Weaponry


Photo by: DEZALB via Pixabay


Russia is developing new spy gadgets that can be used in war zones, especially in areas that are difficult for their military personnel to reach. This was according to a British tabloid, Daily Star.

The spy gadgets called Sphera are said to be robo-balls built with four video cameras. They are the type of gadgets that allow a 360-degree view, ideal for secret intelligence gathering. They also contain diode lights, a transmitter, and a microphone that works using a radio signal. The report highlights that since the gadgets are for war zones, Sphera can be thrown in troubles locations and it can send audio and pictures to the transmitter 50 meters away.

“Their strengths have been noted during use,” said the gadget makers Set-1 in a statement. They shared that they were able to battle-test Sphera in Syria. “The devices went through combat trials,” they said.

The makers add that although they have seen the strengths of the new-generation military gadgets during the test, the military personnel have asked for some changes on the gadgets so that they will be more effective. The makers said that the personnel has expressed some of their suggestions and they are already considering the improvement for their next set of models.

The robo-balls can function in temperatures minus 20C to plus 45C, continues the makers.