China to Fortify Its Naval Battle Edge by Developing AI-Augmented Nuke Submarine


Photo by: skeeze via Pixabay


China is currently developing nuclear submarines that are powered by artificial intelligence. This was confirmed by the research’s senior scientist, who requested for anonymity due to the sensitivity of the project.

The scientist said that the AI-powered submarine has its own thoughts that will reduce the workload of the commanding officers. The AI will augment the submarine and will also reduce human error, giving the country’s navy an edge when it comes to underwater battles. This was also published by the South China Morning Post.

If the previous nuclear submarines that were used by China were controlled by their naval personnel, the AI technology will power the watercraft to gather knowledge and create its new strategies without the need for human intervention. “Though a submarine has [an] enormous power of destruction, its brain is actually quite small,” the scientist said.

The military reportedly said that they don’t particularly care about the submarine’s fancy features. Instead, they want that it will not screw up in the middle of battle.

Deep-water exploration scientist Zhu Min from the Institute of Acoustics Chinese Academy of Sciences said that the Chinese military is considering AI weaponry. However, he warns that the program should be carefully programmed so that it will not end up as a “runaway submarine” that contains nuclear arsenals capable of destroying a continent.