Mozilla’s IoT Framework Allows Users To Control Connected Devices Directly From the Web


Photo by: dennizn via Shutterstock


Mozilla recently announced that anyone can now create an open framework to connect and control the IoT.

The organization’s “Project Things” allows people to connect their devices directly to the web. Among its features include the ability to use the computer’s microphone so that the user can issue personal voice commands. Aside from that, the IoT Gateway can also rule the engine to set how a user wants connected devices to interact with each other. 

If connected devices now function with limitation, such as a thermostat that can only work with Amazon Echo, or a lightbulb that only functions with the Home app or Siri, Mozilla wants to change the setup with their new project. They are encouraging consumers that they should not be locked into using a specific product, platform, or brand.

“We take care of the complicated stuff so that you can focus on the fun stuff such as automation,” wrote Mozilla in its blog. The statement also reads that they believe that the future of linked devices should be more open just like how the web is being used nowadays. 

Mozilla has also created an add-on system, wherein the user can add support for their devices via plugin installation. They have also provided for a tutorial for users to follow.