"Red Car for the Red Planet": Tesla Roadster to Float in Space Towards Mars


Photo by: Aynur_zakirov via Pixabay


Aerospace company Space X has finally launched the mega-rocket Falcon Heavy on its journey to Mars. The successful launch carried with it Elon  Musk’s cherry red Tesla Roadster - a 2008 sports car from the Tesla Motors.

Considered as the world’s most powerful rocket, the Falcon Heavy blasted off from Cape Canaveral in the United States, along with the sports car. While sending a sports car into space may seem like a ridiculous idea to some, the vehicle will have an actual purpose in space. If everything will go smoothly as planned, the car will swing out into space, near Mars’ orbit.

“Apparently, there is a car in the orbit around the Earth,” Musk posted on Twitter. 

In December last year, Musk shared on his Instagram account that it would be “extremely boring” to test flight new rockets with just steel blocks or concrete as the mass simulators. That is why they decided to send the car. He even captioned the Instagram photo “A Red Car for the Red Planet,” referring to Mars.

According to the British tabloid Daily Mail UK, once the mega-rocket reaches beyond the orbit of the Earth, it will leave behind the red Tesla Roadster along with its mannequin passenger. The car will then travel in another 250 million mile journey in deep space.