AI Advances Water Treatment Process


Photo By CC0 Public Domain via Pxhere

Imagine H2O, a nonprofit that offers support to water startups via mentorship, has recognized the value of artificial intelligence to help various companies fine-tune their water treatment process.

The San Francisco-based organization’s VP of programming Tom Ferguson explains that there have been different companies that have looked into the trend of using AI in water treatment. He said that these companies are searching for smart ways in order to monitor the health of their membrane without shutting down the whole system. 

The membrane technology in water treatment covers the entire engineering approach of how to transport the substances and the separation processes, such as crystallization, sublimation, and distillation. Ferguson claims that with AI, it helps people perform the membrane maintenance when needed. “It’s about efficiency and augmenting the role of the operator,” he said.

The VP of programming also mentions about their working partner Pipeguard which has created a robot that can detect leaks by gathering data inside the water pipes. The robot can also make an early warning system of possible leaks.

Imagine H2O also hosts a competition every year to nurture water entrepreneurs. The last competition it hosted attracted participants from 36 countries. Each of these participants wanted to benefit from the company’s guidance in the water industry.