Tesla Reiterates Enhanced Autopilot Features this 2018, Includes Coast-to-Coast Drive


Photo by: Joseph Thornton via Flickr


American automotive company Tesla may have experienced several delays last year with the release of their new car features, but it has now promised an enhanced autopilot feature this 2018. They also promise a full driverless demonstration for these features.

The company wrote to its shareholders that their upcoming coast-to-coast autonomous drive will be their major step in embracing self-driving technology. Their new features, this time, will be enhanced, like the On to Off ramp feature. This feature enables sounds, such as the L3 autonomous driving on the road.

There are also other features they have incorporated in their enhanced autopilot features, including the Smart Summon and Autosteer+, which they consider as the “better versions” of their present autopilot features. Although they admit that the coast-to-coast drive feature should have been available to Tesla car owners last year, they instead shared that they will be adding a custom code in order to game the route instead of the L4 or L5 autonomous system. 

“An extensive overhaul of the underlying architecture of our software has not been completed,” wrote Tesla in a letter to its shareholders. They have also enhanced the system’s machine learning capabilities and can analyze and gather more high-quality information than before.

Last week, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk also specified that they are already in the final testing phase and soon the enhanced autopilot feature will be introduced to their fleet.