Uber, Waymo Reach Settlement to End Dispute Over Self-Driving Car Tech


Photo by: WilliamCho via Pixabay


Ridesharing company Uber and Google’s driverless car company Waymo settled their legal fight last week, nearly one year after Waymo alleged Uber of secretly devising a plan to steal the company's valuable self-driving car technology and patent infringement. 

The US Federal District Court heard the testimonies and arguments of both parties for four days. However, before the court decided which company shall win, Uber has agreed to offer Waymo its stock worth 0.34 percent. Waymo claimed that the term value of such settlement amounts to $245 million. In the end of the trial, Uber stood firmly behind its claim that it did not commit the alleged wrongdoing.

The settlement also includes the agreement that no confidential information from Waymo has been incorporated in the autonomous vehicle tech of Uber.

Uber’s CEO Mr. Dara Khosrowshahi said, “My job as CEO is to set the course for the future of the company,” referring to the responsibility of growing and innovating responsibly. In the company’s statement, it reiterated that “no trade secrets ever came to Uber.”

When Waymo filed the lawsuit against the ridesharing company, it challenged that the stealing of information occurred after its previous robotics engineer Anthony Levandowski abruptly left the company. Levandowski then founded a startup called Otto that makes self-driving trucks. Soon, Uber acquired Otto.