Convoz App is a Platform for Celebrities and Fans, Gives Users Chance to Be Troll-Free

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Photo by: KlausHausmann via Pixabay


American musician and rapper Chamillionaire introduced a new app called Convoz. It is a video-centric platform that allows users to communicate face-to-face with their favorite stars, such as basketball player Shaq, and is also a platform for finding friends who share the same interests.

As the artist who performed Ridin’, Chamillionaire describes that Convoz grew from his inspiration of creating an alternative to social media site Twitter, which he believes is already being overwhelmed with trolls - the internet slang for people who start quarrels and upset people by posting off-topic messages within the online community or provoke emotional responses from the readers.

The Grammy Award winner claimed that his team has already conducted a soft launch of Convoz last summer and today, they are already prepared to offer it to a larger public. It is an application that will allow users to upload their 15-second video clips which can be addressed to certain celebrities. The artists may choose to respond to the video personally or broadcast the message for everyone in the Convoz platform to see.

Although he said that not all messages will be receiving the response, he said that “there’s an opportunity to prioritize the people who really deserve it.” He said there is lesser chance for users to harass or bully others because they no longer hide behind a digital persona. Convoz users can also approve of things that are mentioned about them.