Driverless Cars may Make Domestic Flights, Existing Car Culture Obsolete -- Mobility Tech Experts


Photo by: DariuszSankowski via Pixabay


Driverless cars will be in use almost everywhere within the next six years, said automobile company Renault Nissan Alliance’s CEO Carlos Ghosn. This change in the car culture, he said, will extend beyond the automotive industry because it can also reshape cities and transform people’s daily lives.

The Brazilian-Lebanese-French businessman stated that there are already limited tests of self-driving cars in different places and he predicts that in the future anyone may be able to summon a driverless pod with just a press on their smartphone. 

Ridesharing companies like Lyft Inc. and Uber Technologies, Inc., for example, have already reduced the need for public transportation in the United States. This was supported by a study entitled “Sustainable Transportation Energy Pathways” conducted by a transportation researcher on shared mobility and autonomous vehicles Dr. Regina Clewlow from the University of California, Davis.

Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s intelligence mobility analyst Ali Izadi-Najafabadi also said that one of the benefits of having a driverless car is that passengers can do fun stuff, such as watching a movie and reading a book, while being transported from one place to another. The impact of autonomous technology could be the same as Japan’s bullet trains that diverted the passengers from the air. It means that car journeys will be more productive and a pleasant alternative than domestic airlines, said Bloomberg’s business journalist Jess Shankleman.