Eco-friendly Cleanup App Launched to Address Waste Issue in Cambodia

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Photo By KJBennett2017 via Pixabay

Cambodia has launched its first eco-friendly phone app as part of the country’s effort to solve their waste problem.

Developed by an environmentally conscious initiative GoGreen, the new phone app is hoped to help young people become more engaged to clean the streets of their country. It can be installed on Android phones and it uses real-time data that highlights which parts of the country and city have lots of waste. The GoGreen app also recommends the areas that require a litter bin.

The app’s co-founder Grace Smith said that the “app is a useful tool in engaging people with environmental awareness.” She said that it cannot just track the waste in the street but can also help facilitate for cleanups by sending messages and tips to educate users about the possible consequences of pollution.

In March 2016, Smith and Natalja Rodionova initiated the GoGreen project. The two were inspired after they attended a cleanup event in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. They decided to conduct a clean-up project themselves that attracted about a hundred people. Their successive events were participated in by more than 300 people. 

Smith explained that most of the people who have attended their clean-up operations are young and into taking selfies, sharing their work on social media sites. This is when they thought it would be a great way to engage today’s generation to be more aware of their environment.