Apple Working to Fix Single Indian Character Bug that Crashes iPhones

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Photo by: CC0 Public Domain via Pixabay


Apple confirms that it is urgently working to fix the glitch found in its latest software update that displays a certain letter from an Indian language called Telugu. This glitch is said to be crashing apps, reported the Guardian.

Receiving or typing a message that includes the south Indian character will cause apps such as WhatsApp, Gmail, or Instagram to crash. If the character appears as a notification, the device including Apple Watches, iPads, iPhones, desktops, and TVs may experience boot loop issues - continuously restarting without even booting up.

Italian site Mobile World first reported about the glitch and Apple has expressed that it has already solved the problem in various beta versions of their operating systems, and the said fix will soon be available in all its products. The major release will also cover other new features, including battery health menu. The technology company also highlights that while the software update will not be available yet, they are going to provide a minor or intermediary update that will patch the bug.

The native Telugu language is said to be spoken by about 80 million people from different parts of the world and it originates in southern India. Majority of people using such language lives in the Andhra Pradesh and Telangana which are both states in India.