Autopilot Manufacturer TruTrak Receives New Approval to its Supplemental Type Certificate


Photo By  TruTrak via Pixabay

Autopilot manufacturer TruTrak Flight Systems has recently announced that it has gained approval to add more Piper and Cessna single-engine airplane models to include in its Supplemental Type Certificate.

Being a company that manufacturers autopilots for experimental, light sport, and certified aircraft, the Arkansas-based firm will be updating their STC. Their Cessna 175 series, Piper PA-32 series aircraft, Cessna 172 series, and Piper PA-28 series will be added to it.

The company also confirms that it is just waiting for the go-ahead signal in order to add the series of Cessna 185, 182, and 180 aircraft to their approved model list. In its news release, the company claimed that “the plan for the remainder of 2018 is to concentrate on adding many aircraft to the AML,” referring to the approved model list.

The first autopilot that was manufactured by  TruTrak Flight Systems is the Vizion applied for certified aircraft.

Nonprofit political organization Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, a group that advocates for general aviation, reported last year in July that Experimental Aircraft Association and TruTak joined forces in working on the STC for the autopilot Vizion in order to track the flight plans, climb and chosen vertical speeds, descend, enable select and preselect altitude, and to hold altitude.

The autopilot function also presents under speed and over speed, with the emergency button, TruTrak said.