LG India to Roll out IoT-Enabled Ceiling Fans


Photo By stux via Pixabay

LG Electronics India revealed its plan to launch an Internet of Things-based ceiling fans this season. These smart fans will be connected to the Internet and its speed will be adjusted automatically based on the temperature change. The smart fan can also be controlled in any place with the use of cloud computing.

A top company official said that that smart ceiling fan will be specially made for the Indian people and it focuses not just on the aesthetic designs but also on energy efficiency. 

LG India’s Managing Director Ki Wan Kim said, "This year, we are preparing to launch a ceiling fan.” The official adds that “It would have IoT Technology.” Kim highlights that the IoT tech will be available in some of their premium products.  To make it easy for the users to clean the fan, they have also designed the fan to have removable or detachable parts, Kim continued.

The electronics company said that there are a total of three models that they are planning to launch and one of these is built with IoT features. The company has introduced various IoT-enabled products before in segments, such as the washing machines. Now, they hope that they will have telecom operators to join them in their efforts. The official even said that they will be introducing the technology one by one, highlighting every model.

LG India details that they are still working on the pricing as to what would best fit in their fan models.