Scientists Call for Use of New Fishing Tech to Save Large Marine Animals from Entanglement and Death

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Photo by: Lauren Packard via Flickr


A new fishing technology can help stop North Atlantic whales and other large marine animals from death, injury, and entanglement, according to the scientists of nonprofit research and higher education facility Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

The US-based group that is dedicated to research and education at the frontiers of ocean science considers the North Atlantic right whales to be the most endangered of their species on the Earth and entanglement is the main culprit of right whale fatalities. That is why to stop the entanglements, they encourage the use of new fishing technology that eliminates the use of ropes in fishing. They said that these ropes connect traps on the floor of the ocean via buoys. Instead of using traditional ropes, the scientists introduced traps that are built with remote-controlled flotation devices that could possibly bring the said traps to the surface of the water. 

Last year,  the WHOI engineers tested the gear at the Department of Fisheries and Oceans in Canada. If the fishermen want to haul their traps, it will release an acoustic signal that will release the buoys, which then rise from the ocean floor and bring with it the rope onto the surface.

WHOI’s Director Michael Moore said that the technology may be initially expensive, but it could drop in due time and would be much preferable in order to protect the whales.