Nigeria Inaugurates Committee on Nanotech Development


Photo by: Public_Domain_Photography via Pixabay


A National Steering Committee on Nanotechnology has been inaugurated in Nigeria by the country’s Federal Ministry of Science and Technology. This is in the hope that they may be able to produce a policy that will guide the operation of nanotechnology in Nigeria.

FMST Minister Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu claimed that the said committee will have to be involved in an aggressive public awareness when it comes to nanotechnology in all of the Federation states. It is the application and study of extremely small things that can be used in different fields of science, such as material science, physics, chemistry, and biology, Onu said that nanotechnology is crucial to the development of their nation. This is also because of nanotechnology’s multiplier impact on the economy of other developed countries today.

The FMST Minister also shared how the Federal Ministry has previously led to the promotion of technologies in Biotechnology, Renewable Energy, Space science, and Information and Communication Technology. All of these have helped improve the lives of their people through wealth and job, he said. “We, therefore, intend to take full advantage of this relatively new technology called Nanotechnology,” the Minister adds.

Dr. Onu also urged the committee to give high importance to the national assignment so that they can achieve their goal. He also specifies how the committee will be playing an important role to put Nigeria on the international map when it comes to nanotechnology.