Vodafone Tests New Software to Track and Control Drones

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Photo By  StockSnap via Pixabay

British telecommunications company Vodafone pilots a new software in order to track and control drones. They said that this will help authorities protect aircraft from terrorist attacks and accidents. The new software can also stop invasion into no-fly zones, such as hospital airspace and prisons.

Vodafone reports that they are testing the technology in Germany and Spain to track other commercial drones which may appear too small to be detected by radars. The software will reportedly have the same function as the air-traffic control systems.

The telecom’s trial comes amid the concerns from various security services providers that terrorists may be using drones in order to carry small but harmful explosives so it can attack their targets. In December 2017, drones were also utilized for criminal purposes, like smuggling mobile phones and drugs into prisons in England.

The company’s group of chief technology officer Johan Wibergh said, “This will help to ensure the skies stay safe as drones become ubiquitous, everywhere.” Aviation regulators and authorities are also struggling to ensure that skies are safe before commercial drones become operational in Europe next year.

Vodafone also highlights that the software is designed to monitor the larger classes of drones for commercial purposes, not the typical consumer drones. They have conducted their preliminary trial in Seville, Spain last year that showed how 4G network can control a 2-kilogram weight drone built with a wingspan of 1.3 meters.