Growth Projected in Aerospace Nanotechnology Market by 2025


Photo by: Mediamodifier via Pixabay


Aerospace nanotechnology is likely to experience exponential growth by 2025, reports Indian analytics and research services provider, Transparency Market Research.

According to the company’s press release, nanotechnology is proficient when it comes to altering the way in which today's and the future's materials are being manufactured. Aerospace nanotechnology, said the market research company, is composed of three nanomaterials: polymer nanocomposites, nanostructured metals, and anti-corrosion coatings. These are the types of nanomaterials that they have based their forecast with.

They said nanostructured materials have the potential to be applied in creating materials that are usually used in ammunition. The same applies to the creation of carbon nanotube composites.

“Aerospace nanotechnology is an emerging trend,” wrote the company.

Other applications that will drive the growth of aerospace nanotechnology is the people’s responsiveness in solving climatic changes or global warming. To save energy and reduce the release of carbon dioxide, nanotechnology will also be applied, said the company.

The forecast also highlights that there is an increasing investment in lightweight materials with high mechanical and multifunctional properties. There will also be more application of aerospace nanotech in the maritime warfare as the technology will improve the competency of submerged combat and maritime platforms. It is in this field that the defense sector would opt for nanosensors in order to identify enemy submarines.