Uber CEO Shares “Budding Partnership” with Toyota on Autonomous Tech


Photo by: Hat choid via Flickr


Ride-hailing company Uber and multinational carmaker Toyota are planning to join forces on a driverless vehicle or technology as technological changes stretch in the transportation industry, reports The Japan Times.

Uber’s CEO Dara Khosrowshahi posted a picture of him, Toyota’s President Akio Toyoda, and Executive VP Shigeki Tomoyama on his Twitter account. In his caption, he mentioned having “great discussions” on their “growing autonomous partnership.” 

The cheerful photo that shows Khosrowshahi smiling while holding a baseball bat from a Japanese baseball icon, Ichiro Suzuki, together with Toyoda at his side, summarizes the partnership that the Uber CEO hopes to build with other automakers.

Both Toyota and Uber have already given little details about their cooperation on an autonomous technology despite being active in their own separate fields. In 2016, for instance, Toyota acquired a stake in the ride-hailing company without disclosure as to the size and the reason for such investment. The Uber CEO did not elaborate except saying that their company is committed to autonomous cars for profit. 

Khosrowshahi recently informed the investors that they “have a very budding partnership with Toyota.” He said that he believes they can develop their own autonomous tech and also partner with other big players in the same field of technology.

For Toyota, the collaboration with Uber could possibly help them keep up with the competition with rivals like Motor Co. and Nissan.