Waymo Patents System to Avoid Motion Sickness, Introduces Routing and Driving Style Options


Photo by: Grendelkhan via Wikimedia Commons


Waymo wanted to make sure that passengers inside its self-driving vehicle will not experience motion sickness while traveling on the road. Its recently-published patent application in the United States Patent and Trademark Office detailed a system involving routing options and driving style selection for passenger comfort.

The patent allows sensitive passengers to travel on a relaxed ride via gentle roads routing option while passengers who are in a rush can choose a slightly rough driving style. This was also published by CNN. The application also describes that an alert may be pushed so that passengers who are sensitive to motion sickness have certain seats within the vehicle, wherein they will less likely encounter the motion effects.

The former Google self-driving car project that has a mission of making it easy and safe for people and things to move around will reportedly examine how severely a vehicle will sway and accelerate to know the possibility of motion sickness to occur while on a specific route.

The image of Waymo’s patent application provides, as an example, that passengers can choose between an aggressive driving style, moderate driving style, and cautious driving style. It will also display the total distance that will be traveled. The details will also give the passengers the chance to avoid congested street or with stop-and-go traffic.