India Tops in Asia-Pacific Big Data Adoption

Big Data

Photo By  Pexels via Pixabay

Computer software company Oracle, chip maker Intel, and market research firm Longitude Research claim that Indian businesses are at a greater pace when it comes to adopting analytics and big data compared to other Asia-Pacific countries.

From the survey conducted by the research firm with the help of Intel and Oracle, they claimed that the Cloud strategies of 43 percent businesses in India have been fully implemented and is already working.

Oracle APAC’s Head of Big Data and Analytics Jeff Olson said, “I see rapid adoption of Cloud in the country,” referring to India. He added that it has become a huge trend in the country to try new ideas and innovate with the use of big data insights.

Olson also said that India is a country that is considered a leader when it comes to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics education. That is why companies are already prepared with a kind of talent necessary to leverage Analytics and Big Data. 

The survey highlights that Indian enterprises eye the potential of innovative and new technologies, including multi-platform capabilities, visual tools, and open sources in 2019. It also noted that nearly 23 percent of IT executives in India consider automation capabilities significant in the business. There are also many Indian companies that are now adopting Cloud Software-as-a-Service solutions because these solutions are secure, agile, and scalable.