New IoT Service Platform of Fujitsu Detects Unproductive Warehouse Workflows


Photo By দেবর্ষি রায় via Pixabay

Japanese multinational IT equipment and services company Fujitsu Ltd is using IoT technology to detect inefficient and unproductive workflows in warehouses. This new service is targeted for the distribution industry, The Japan News said. 

Recognizing that the distribution industry is struggling when it comes to labor shortages, Fujitsu has developed the IoT service platform to improve distribution. The system will reportedly flash on computer screens the details of distances that warehouse workers move to complete their activities and the amount of time they spend on specific tasks. These elements will be monitored through sensors that are installed inside the warehouses that adopted the IoT technology.

Fujitsu claims that the main purpose of the new service is to know if the warehouse staff is implementing efficient processes during work time. They also said that labor shortages is an issue faced in distribution and retail and their IoT service platform will help companies maximize their sales as they address the warehouse issue.

The Japanese company will also be proposing ideal workflows and staff allocations with the use of artificial intelligence.

The Japan News also published that Fujitsu is offering the same type of services for the retailers, aiming to earn for ¥20 billion by the time they reach 2020 fiscal year.

Although the IoT platform has been launched in Japan, they are yet planning for a global roll-out of their platform.