Nanotech Delivery Enables Precise Genetic Therapies -- Biotechnology Company CEO


Photo By ar130405 via Pixabay

Cures for genetic-based diseases is now closer to reality because of nanotechnology that can deliver genetic tools to exact locations in the cell, claims biotechnology company Ligandal Inc.

With a mission to cure diseases and enable precision medicine through next-generation nanoscale delivery solutions, Ligandal uses ligands - a molecule that binds to another - and other breakthroughs in nanomedicine in order to target exact molecular receptors or zip codes of the cells as well as their nuclei.

Ligandal’s founder and CEO Andre Watson spoke during the Cavendish Health Impact forum in San Diego that for the very first time, they can now deliver genetic therapies to where they are needed. 

Watson also said that most drugs nowadays either utilize recombinant protein factors or viruses. They have, however, “developed nanoparticles that have no inherent immunogenicity or toxicity.” These nanoparticles can time-release the delivery into the right cell. Watson also highlights that there is a greater need for such kind of delivery as eight percent of the population in the US has a genetic disease that is caused by one mutation. Also, even if other diseases are not really genetic, they do have molecular causes. 

With the use of nanoparticles-based therapies, it will be customized to lower down the cost of production by a hundred times. He also showed various datasets that provide the company's proof of concept.