Waymo, GM Top in Autonomous Car Ratings


Photo by: CC0 License via Pexels


US-based market research and consulting team Navigant Research recently published a study that cited Waymo and General Motors as top-ranking leaders in developing autonomous cars and putting them into production.

Providing market intelligence designed to clarify investment and expansion opportunities to different industries, Navigant Research has conducted the study to recognize the top ranking autonomous car leaders. They pointed out that both Waymo and GM are going through their failure mode analysis and validation in order to produce their respective car models.

Nineteen companies were ranked by the market research team based on 10 different driverless driving criteria. These criteria include go-to-market planning, production strategy, technology, product capability, product portfolio, staying power, partners, product quality, sales and marketing, and strategic vision. 

The study shows that among the top five ranking companies, four of which were traditional automakers, such as Volkswagen Group, Ford Motor Co., GmbH team, and Daimler AG-Robert Bosch.

According to Navigant Research, GM has the ability to bring their technology into the hands of their consumer and the company also has the willingness to treat their autonomous car concept as more than just a project.

Waymo, on the other hand, is noted because of its ability to service, manufacture, and support the vehicles they created.

Navigant Research’s senior research analyst Sam Abuelsamid, who authored the study, also said that  Waymo scored well because of its ability to put their car technology on the road.