Google Launches Flutter App for iOS and Android Development

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Photo by: Daylen via Pixabay


Google has launched an app that will help programmers bridge the gap between iPhones and Android phones. This app is called Flutter in its beta stage.

The company has been open in its effort to formulate a solution that will make it easy for programmers to make a software that matches the appearance of both Google’s Android OS and Apple’s iOS software. This is why a majority of developers nowadays have to hire two separate teams in order to create different versions for a single product.

The search engine giant has released the beta app during the Mobile World Congress 2018 and they announced that new updates are scheduled every month or so. According to the company, the Flutter app is their mobile UI framework and it targets people who are into mobile development. Developers can take advantage of portable UI toolkits and platform and performance integrations of the native mobile.

It is “designed for both new and experienced mobile developers,” wrote Google on its blog. They also claimed that the ecosystem of Flutter is already thriving, with over a thousand packages that function with the app. These packages include GraphQL, Facebook Connect, shared preferences, Firebase, and SQLite.

Google said that since their alpha release in 2017, they have already delivered features, like right-to-left text, internationalization, localization, and screen reader support.