Levi's to Automate Jean-Making by Using Laser Robot


Photo by: ginu via Pixabay


Clothing company Levi Strauss will be using a laser-wielding robot to reduce the use of chemicals in making its jeans ripped, distressed, and faded as a form of fashion.

The American company known widely for its brand of denim jeans claims that with the use of the new technique, they can finish a pair of jeans in just 90 seconds, compared to manual labor where it takes an hour to finish just two to three pairs of jeans.

The company expects that the new finishing approach will be implemented in 2020. They refer the new method to be less labor-intensive and will assist them to be more responsive to their markets.

The laser-welding robot is what Levi Strauss & Co.’s President and CEO Chip Bergh has called the “future of jeans manufacturing.” 

Levi’s supply chain officer Liz O’Neill also said that it just started as an idea that they wanted to implement alter their process of manufacturing. Now, it has already made a digital transformation, O’Neill said. Although it is not an easy task, particularly that their company currently has 13,500 workers all over the world excluding those in the third-party manufacturing factories, the company considers that the use of these robots will eliminate dangerous and repetitive tasks for denim workers.